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Heat for the widows

 02-11-2017  |   Moldova, Ukraine

Ukraine/Moldova. “This cannot be! I can’t believe it, this can’t be true!” – said a weeping widow, a mother of seven children, when she saw how volunteers unloaded bags of coal at her house. She also received food supplies: flour, pasta, etc. The project “Keep the widows warm” encouraged brothers and sisters from Germany, Canada

A need in Armenia

 02-11-2017  |   Armenia

Armenia. Dear brothers, sisters and dear friends! We are a small Christian church living in Nagorno-Karabakh. Our city Martakert is about three kilometers away from Azerbaijan’s border. The city population is about 5,000 people although in the past, this number was four-fold higher. Due to military activity, many local citizens fled the region out of

Paralyzed Masha needs immediate surgery

 02-11-2017  |   Russia

Russia. Masha is a hardworking and talented young girl. She started reading and singing when she was only six years old. She spent a lot of time rehearsing a song she wanted to sing on Sunday at church. However, something terrible happened while she was walking with her mother to see grandma on Saturday. While

Mikhai – Ill with cancer

 02-11-2017  |   Moldova

Moldova. Children can find joy in the little things they have, but they often forget, that not all children can experience the same. Young Mikhai Stratulat was a very active and a happy child, but now he cannot understand why suddenly, he feels weak. He has no appetite, runs a high fever and feels constant

A widow – Elena Durneva

 02-11-2017  |   Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan. It was truly a devastating scene to see weeping children sitting by the grave of their father. They can’t imagine what it will be like to live without a loving father. The oldest son Pavel is only 12 years old, and the young widow (47 years old) has a very difficult burden to carry

A widow Olga Demchenko

 02-11-2017  |   Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan. Two young girls ages two and four, are fearfully looking with their wide eyes at their weeping mother. The house is filled with relatives, neighbors, brothers and sisters from church who are grieving with the family. The little children cannot understand why their dad is laying quietly in the living room without any signs

A widow Victoria Sorina

 02-11-2017  |   Russia

Russia. One can often find joy after tragedy. Life struggles that are very difficult to handle can be endured only with God’s help. This is what widow Victoria experienced after her loving husband Sergey, a father of five children, passed away a year ago. It is impossible to forget the dreadful scene of five children

Illness of Anna and Esther

 01-11-2017  |   Moldova

Moldova. Eleven-year- old Anna is the third child in the Ermolaev family. All three children suffer from the same illness – forth stage scoliosis. This illness damages the spine by displacing the spine discs and deforming the entire body. Each delivery had complications, but parents were happy to accept all their three children as a

Humanitarian aid for Eastern Ukraine

 01-11-2017  |   Ukraine

With the Lord’s help, we were able to deliver humanitarian aid to those in need in the military zone (about 31 truck loads). According to the OSCE (700 members of this organization are observers in this region), peace was broken more than 30,000 times in the military conflict zone. There is an exchange of fire

Chickens for families in need

 30-10-2017  |   Узбекистан

The families and widows in the Republic of Uzbekistan are thankful for the financial support they received in the spring of this year. They received chickens with feed, to support their large families with eggs and meat. In fact, these widows were also able to use these chickens to help other non-Christian families, and through