Paralyzed Masha needs immediate surgery

 November 2, 2017  |   Russia

Russia. Masha is a hardworking and talented young girl. She started reading and singing

when she was only six years old. She spent a lot of time rehearsing a song she wanted to

sing on Sunday at church. However, something terrible happened while she was walking

with her mother to see grandma on Saturday. While they were crossing the street, she was

hit by a car, causing her to land more than 15 meters away. She was immediately taken to

a local hospital where she spent the next 40 days in coma. The doctors gave a very poor

prognosis, but to everyone’s surprise and joy, she opened her eyes for the first time!


Unfortunately, her recovery is very slow. Today, Masha cannot sing, walk or even feed

herself. She is paralyzed and requires a great deal of medical care. The doctors are

offering hope after a series of surgeries at a local clinic which will cost the family about

300,000 to 600,000 rubles ($6,000 to $10,000). The family and relatives cannot afford to

pay for this treatment, but they hope in the Lord, Who can do miracles. They ask for

financial support. May the Lord open your hearts to



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