Medical fund for Tolstopyatov Danik

 October 11, 2021  |   Russia


We invite you to participate in the need of our brother, Daniel Tolstopyatov.
Daniel is a member of Voronezh church in Russia. He is serving with youth and musical ministries.

In August 2021, Daniel stopped working because of a medical trauma – a broken arm. Soon thereafter doctors found that he has cancer.

Voronezh church helped Daniel’s family, but soon Daniel will have to start chemotherapy treatment at a Moscow clinic. Part of the treatment will be paid by state.

Daniel has 4 small children. Youngest daughter was born only a few months ago. He is not working for few months already because of his health state, and likely he will be unable to come back to work in construction industry.

The pastor of Voronezh church recommended to help brother Daniel.

All funds will be sent to Daniel’s family to pay for medical expenses and to support his family.

You can donate by clicking this link:

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