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Aid Christian Ministry offers a variety of programs to meet a variety of needs throughout the world. Whether providing food parcels, crisis aid, education, Bibles, or business teaching, the ultimate goal of all our programs is to glorify God and further His kingdom.


The preaching of the Gospel is one of the main purposes of the Church of Jesus Christ. Workers who serve the ministry of preaching the gospel and organizing new churches often work in difficult conditions and face persecution. The economic situation in those
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Food assistance

"Aid in Difficulty" also provides food assistance to families in need
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Natural disasters

"Aid in Difficulty" provides urgent assistance to the victims of the fire, floods and other natural disasters, as well as helps those who find themselves in areas of military conflict.
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Childhood is the brightest and carefree time in a person's life. But, unfortunately, many children are deprived of this happiness due to various circumstances. There are a lot of orphans in the CIS countries, but state aid for orphanages is very limited
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In life there are various circumstances: someone has congenital diseases, someone has acquired them as a result of an accident. Our program is focused mainly on providing material assistance to seriously ill children from large families, in which parents are
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Even in the Old Testament times a tradition of special treatment for widows arose, which was then the personification of defenselessness in the face of the difficulties faced by people in life. In our time, they (widows, widowers and abandoned wives) are also
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