A need in Armenia

 November 2, 2017  |   Armenia

Armenia. Dear brothers, sisters and dear friends! We are a small Christian church living

in Nagorno-Karabakh. Our city Martakert is about three kilometers away from

Azerbaijan’s border. The city population is about 5,000 people although in the past, this

number was four-fold higher. Due to military activity, many local citizens fled the region

out of fear for their life and health. Some parts of the city are destroyed, but this led to a

favorable outcome. The people became interested in hearing the word of God. They

attend our church services, but we don’t have enough space to fit everyone.

My name is Gagik Mirzyanin. I have six children, and am the pastor of the local church.

My family lives inside the church, which has two rooms, each about 30 sq. meters. We

have a desire to build a larger building, so that the people who attend our services feel

secure. During the war, one family came to our church and while they were with us, they

said, “We feel safe here because you are praying and nothing evil will happen”. I am a

shepherd of 99 sheep, and we are thankful to the Lord that this flock provides for us.

Many people don’t have anything, and we are grateful that we can at least help the local

farmers. Brothers from your ministry visited our church and can confirm that our church

building can be used only temporarily. We would like to build another building on our

property to invite many more people. Brother Ruslan already created an architectural

plan, and we are purchasing building supplies. We pray for the Lord’s mercy to our

church. May God open your hearts to support us during this difficult time!

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