I caused the widow’s heart to sing for joy

 October 2, 2018  |   USA

A widow fellowship event was organized for widows in “Salvation” church (Edgewood, WA). Widows came from different areas of Salem, Vancouver and greater Seattle area. Attendance was less than expected, but we were ready to minister to them. 

The goal of this fellowship was to bring joy to their hearts, spend time and give them more attention because they often feel forgotten. This was a day-long gathering. The first half was from 10AM to 1PM, filled with warm words of encouragement from pastors S. P. Marchenko, A. P. Chumakin, A. I. Krasnopivtsev and a music group. 

During the second half, the widows had time for one-on-one fellowship with each other over a cup of tea with dessert. Everyone felt a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Brother I. Taziev shared words of encouragement during this time as well, accompanied by a small string orchestra. Widows had an opportunity to share their blessings, often with tears in their eyes, as the recalled many miracles  and God’s blessing they felt daily of their life. 

There is a great need in such events and they are very useful. One of the drivers, who took widows home, later testified that the “sisters felt encouraged and joyful, as if they became 10-15 years younger!”

Many  widows in our country do not need financial support, but they often lack joy, encouragement and compassion. We hope that more widows will come next time!

Event photos

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