We helped support children’s camp in Nagorno-Karabakh

 August 30, 2018  |   Nagorno-Karabakh

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A children’s camp took place in a village called Shushu, about 10 km from Stenapokert. We rented a children’s recreation center. There were two groups: first group from 7-12 year old children and the second from 12-16 years old. About 100 children signed up in each group. Earlier, about 10 years ago, there were difficulties with the local government officials. However, today these officials enlist their children, nephews and nieces.  Our hearts rejoice seeing how the seeds of God’s word is sown into their hearts. Many believe that they time spent at camp will be fruitful. We are thankful to the Lord for being able to offer our humble donation for the event. God willing, we hope to offer financial support next year. 

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