Christmas gifts for orphans and widows

 September 20, 2017  |   Moldova, Ukraine

One of the main defining characteristic of a true Christian is the ability to empathize with those in need.

Unfortunately, the number of orphans is drastically increasing in Eastern Ukraine as a result of the military activity. Currently, that region alone contains about 300,000 orphans.

With the help of local brothers and sisters in Christ, we want to create a network of aid to bring Christmas joy to the orphans living in Ukraine and Moldova.

We invite you to participate in this project. May the Lord bless you!

What is the size of the Christmas gift box?

The gift boxes should not be of different sizes. We recommend the dimensions to be 12x9x6 inches. We will be delivering boxes to your local church. However, if you would like to prepare one or more gifts on your own, and your church did not receive these boxes, we would be happy to send them to you.

What should be included in a Christmas gift box?

You may include sweets, toys, school supplies and personal hygiene items. On the tag provided in this flyer please specify the gender (boy or girl) and the age of the child. Attach this flyer to the outside of your gift and if possible, please wrap it in wrapping paper.

Where is the drop off location?

You need to return the boxes by October 7 to the local church and give them to those in charge for collecting your donations. We will collect and prepare gifts for delivery at our main sorting site. You can also mail your gift to the address provided on the lower right corner.

It would be great if you could donate $7 per gift to help with the delivery costs. Thank you very much for your support!

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One-time Donation for fund Orphans

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Monthly Sponsorship for fund Orphans

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