Persecuted Christians in Uzbekistan

 October 30, 2017  |   Узбекистан

The Christians in the city of Qarshi have personally experienced the power of the words of Jesus Christ, which He spoke about the persecutions that true Christians would endure. However, they did not allow fear to overtake and prevent them from serving the Lord. In the last decades since the fall of the Soviet Union, the government targeted Christians and counted them as hatred groups in the society. After the death of the President of Uzbekistan, many hoped that the government would change their view, but sadly, this did not happen. Again and again, Christians are being accused of breaking the law. Viktor Postulatov and Mikhail Bikbaev, each with a family of nine children, were arrested on July 21, 2017. They were kept under arrest for five days. During this time, two widows received large fines as well. All of these accusations happened because about 200 Christians gathered for church service in the city of Qarshi. When these brothers were released, everyone was overfilled with joy. Children were filled with excitement and wives wept out of joy as all the church gathered around the police station. The police officers did not expect to see such a crowd and were filled with compassion toward these fearless Christians, who were singing and praying on the street.  Let’s continue to pray for these persecuted Christians in the Republic of Uzbekistan. May the Lord help them stand firm for their faith, and be true witnesses of Christ in their country.















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