A widow Olga Demchenko

 November 2, 2017  |   Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan. Two young girls ages two and four, are fearfully looking with their wide eyes at their

weeping mother. The house is filled with relatives, neighbors, brothers and sisters from church who are

grieving with the family. The little children cannot understand why their dad is laying quietly in the living

room without any signs of life. Everyone is crying and singing mournful songs. These girls wait to see the

smile on their father’s face, hear his warm words of encouragement, and kind care. Although the last

months he spent in great pain from his illness, he was filled with hope and thanksgiving to the Lord,

knowing that his family is in the hands of the Loving God. He did not complain. Funeral services and

separation with loved ones is always difficult. Only true faith in God will help this young widow Olga (35

years old) to look with hope into the future. May God bless the young widow and her little girls by

sending them comfort and protection. They need your prayer support.

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