We completed a project “Meat Aid” or “Chicks”

 August 7, 2018  |   Kazakhstan

With your help, we were able to complete “Meat Aid” or “Chicks” project for Evangelical Baptist Churches in countries of former Soviet Union. The goal was to help widows and low income families to purchase chicks and feed. They can raise the chicks during the summer and there will be meat during the winter. Ninety-five families received 30 chicks each (about $3 per chick, including feed). 

This project was completed in the following cities: Astana, Shuchinks, Petropavlovsk, Taldikorgan, Semipalatinsk, Taraz, Chimkent and others. Brothers and sisters are sincerely gratefully for this aid! 

The following link has additional photos and letters that we have received: 


IMG-20180626-WA0030.jpg (1032×774)

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