Help Ruth to get medical treatment

 February 6, 2020  |   Kazakhstan

Ruth lives in the city of Ayagoz, Kazakhstan. She is 16, her parents are deaf-mute. Her father is a church member and mom is not. She has 4 siblings. Some time ago Ruth got sick and doctors had a hard time making a diagnosis. She spent a month in an infectious diseases hospital with suspected meningitis. Then it was ruled out and she was moved to another hospital, underwent CT, MRT, etc. Surgeons, making an examination, turned the leg without realizing that the mobility of the leg was limited – and damaged it: it came out of the pelvis and bulged to the side, the thigh head was torn off. As a result, Ruth was urgently transported to purulent surgery, to intensive care unit. The pelvis and thigh bone were in pus; in a grave condition she underwent surgery. They removed the torn head and cleaned it from the pus.

Ruth was previously taking piano lessons, but as a result of illness she was forced to stop. Ruth is in 10th grade in public school and now she is also unable to attend school and is studying at home.

Now, her health is becoming worse, because purulent processes have resumed.

There is a treatment option for Ruth at the Ilizarov Center in the city of Kurgan, Russia, in which specialists expressed their willingness to stop purulent processes and undergo endoprosthetics or reconstruction. The cost of this treatment is  $6,000.

We contacted the pastor of the church in Kazakhstan – Igor Kislov and he confirmed information about the need for this family.

We ask you to participate in this need. All funds raised by this GoFund campaign will be transferred to Ruth’s family.

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