Humanitarian aid for Eastern Ukraine

 November 1, 2017  |   Ukraine

With the Lord’s help, we were able to deliver humanitarian aid to those in need in the military zone (about 31 truck loads). According to the OSCE (700 members of this organization are observers in this region), peace was broken more than 30,000 times in the military conflict zone. There is an exchange of fire almost daily between the two sides. Many innocent people are suffering, although they have nothing to do with this conflict. Heavily armored soldiers watched with amazement as trucks arrived filled with clothing and food for the locals, especially our brothers and sisters in Christ. “How did you make it here?” – they asked, being at the frontlines and knowing the fury of war. “Were you afraid? It is very dangerous to come here!”  – they continued. This aid was able to reach these people only by the mercy of God and His protection. Hundreds of people who received aid also listened to the Gospel message. Many wept bitterly. Words about the true inner peace with God brought healing to their souls. A big thanks to many brothers and sisters from the church in Minden, who helped fill the trailer donations. Both groups on either side of the frontline received packages with food supplies. Many families risked their lives as they left their children and crossed to the opposite side to receive aid. Others gave thanks to the Lord for the help they received. May the Lord give back abundantly to those, who demonstrated love to this region.

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