Illness of Anna and Esther

 November 1, 2017  |   Moldova

Moldova. Eleven-year- old Anna is the third child in the Ermolaev family. All three children suffer from

the same illness – forth stage scoliosis. This illness damages the spine by displacing the spine discs and

deforming the entire body. Each delivery had complications, but parents were happy to accept all their

three children as a gift from God. Soon they realized that their children were not developing normally.

Changes were first noticed in their oldest son Mark. The doctors started offering different treatments,

but after several tries said there is nothing else they can do. At 14 years of age, Mark could not eat,

sleep or even breathe normally. After a shot while, a time of separation came to this family and God

took him to heaven. The second daughter had the same illness and could not hold up her head. The

doctors referred her for massage and physical therapy. When she turned 11, she started losing weight

and grew very slowly. Her spine deformed significantly, and started experiencing the same symptoms as

her brother Mark. Parents were worried because they could not afford treatment. Unfortunately, she

was given the same diagnosis. To their dismay, their third daughter, 11-year- old Anna suffers from the

same disease. Both daughters in the family need a corset to help keep the spine straight. They are

musically talented and participate in church services. Treatment and medical devices are very expensive

and the parents cannot afford these expenses. We ask for financial support. The father of the family

Vladimir is disabled and is currently unemployed. The family is struggling financially in taking care of

their two daughters. Please pray for the Ermolaev family.

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