Mikhai – Ill with cancer

 November 2, 2017  |   Moldova

Moldova. Children can find joy in the little things they have, but they often forget, that

not all children can experience the same. Young Mikhai Stratulat was a very active and a happy child, but now he cannot understand why suddenly, he feels weak. He has no

appetite, runs a high fever and feels constant weakness. Before, he was full of energy, but

now does not want to play with fellow peers. After an evaluation by a medical doctor, he

was diagnosed with leukemia. Mikhai was immediately referred to an oncology center in

Kishinev, where he received chemotherapy treatment, but his condition became worse.

The doctors were worried his body would not tolerate several series of chemotherapies.

Four years have passed since Mikhail was first admitted to the hospital. All the children

who were admitted with him have already passed away. However, thanks to the

donations and expensive medications that he received from Germany, as well as prayers

from brothers and sisters, he is still alive although still very weak. We had an opportunity

to visit the 8-year- old Mikhail and his father in the hospital. They are paying for the

medications, hospital care and food. To cover the expenses, the family was forced to sell

their cow, although milk was so important for feeding a family of six. Please pray for the

small Mikhai who is ill with cancer and his parents. May the Lord be merciful to this

family in need.

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