Remodel in a house damaged by a strong wind storm

 May 11, 2018  |   Kazakhstan

Brothers and sisters! We are asking you to financially support our sister in Christ, Svetlana Magasumova, who lives in Pervomayevka, Amolnskiy county. Last winter her house was damaged by a severe wind storm. The storm destroyed one of the outside walls. Svetlana has been a widow for 10 years, and she is raising four children. She can’t earn enough money, and the local church supports her financially regularly. The cost of the construction materials to fix her wall will cost 330,000 tenge (~1,000). The local brothers from the church will help with construction. Brothers and sisters, if God will open your heart to help this widow, we will be greateful!

May God bless you abundantly!


Broken-wall.jpeg (960×1280)

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